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Why we're making this movie: Some people take pictures of their trips, we film ours. Our trip started out completely normal but ended up being anything but that. Channon's possession initially happened slowly, at first she was just acting a little weird but as time went on she became completely possessed. What was odd was that she would be fine one minute and her body would get taken over the next. She didn't recall things she was doing and didn't believe me when I told her about her strange behavior. The more confusing it became to me the more I filmed. I thought at least if I had it on video we could make sense of it later. At that time I really didn't know what else to do. Some time had passed and after viewing the footage together Channon immediately wanted to delete it. She was scared and embarrassed by it. I on the other hand felt like I was watching some sort of horror movie, except horror movies are fake. This was real. The footage was real, and this needed to be seen. I convinced Channon to keep the footage and we decided to turn it into a movie that has never been made before.

Who we are: We are a real life couple. Travis Dean works an 8-5 job in the corporate world and Channon Rose is a print model and an online beauty blogger. We met on an online dating site in the fall of 2012 and have been together ever since.
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